Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Final Questions

1. What are the three things that stand out to you from the semester?
            The number one thing that has stood out to me the most was meeting my best friend. He's meant so much to me and I don't know what I would do without him. Though we have only known each other for about 9 months, we have grown extremely close.

2. What are the three things that seem most important about photography?
            In my opinion, the third most important concept of photography was learning how to take pieces off of images and place them on to other images. The second most important concept, was learning how to take those pieces and making them blend into their surroundings. The number one most important concept, to me, was learning how to do macro photography. 

3. How have you grown as an artist/photographer this semester?
            I learned that it is okay to edit pictures that are taken with a camera. I've also learned that macro photography is what I have been doing most of my time as a photographer and that photography takes time and patience.

4. What was your favorite project and why?
            My favorite project, overall, was the macro photography project. Not only  was it easy, but it was really fun too. I was able to make the pictures look really cool and I loved spending the time taking the pictures.

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